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Sticky Pads & Post-Its


Post Its from


The Post It brand is globally renowned as the leader in compact, temporary notes. When originally established in 1977, the brand was recognisable by their small, yellow, sticky squares. Today, the product has evolved to include various sizes and colours. are delighted to work with such an established brand that is recognised for quality and reliability. By continuing to work in conjunction with market leaders in various sectors, we continue to grow our client base.


For many, Post Its are used as reminder notes. Many would be familiar with walking into a college bedroom and being surrounded by hundreds of Post Its containing reminders on important information for exams. In spite of the influence of technology on education, and on the workplace, Post Its remain a highly used method of prompting people on vital facts or figures. Offices throughout the world still contain Post It notes stuck to computers and desks to aid both managers and employees. At home, they can be used to make shopping lists and to-do lists.


While education and the workplace are some of the more conventional uses of Post It notes, the sticky pads also have some more unique functions. Some use them as labels when moving boxes. Others favour the more creative approach, and use Post Its as decorative art. We have even seen examples of Post Its being used as coasters and in games.


At, we supply an expansive range in the Post It brand. Our range includes: Shapes and cubes, Signature Marker, Standard Quality, Super Sticky Pads, Value Packs, Z notes and Dispensers. Browse our full range to avail of excellent value, and avail of free delivery on orders over €75.


Excellent Selection of Multi-Purpose Post It Notes

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