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Pencil Sharpeners

Pencil Sharpeners at
In spite of continuing innovations and developments in computers and mobile devices, the pencil remains a tool that is vital in an incredible amount of industries and organisations. State examinations, architects, artists and schools all continue to make extensive use of the pencil. At, we provide a fantastic range of pencil sharpeners at incredible value.
The first patent on pencil sharpeners was applied in 1828, but the pencil sharpener as we recognise it today did not become available until 1847. Choice now exists in colour, shape,  or manual, as well as a including covering to collect shavings. We have endeavoured to cover all client requirements with our range of pencil sharpeners. There is the option to buy a single pencil sharpener, or to avail of incredible value with our packs of 20. These can be ideal as prizes in schools or camps. All sharpeners are of the highest quality, and offer reliability and durability. Browse our full range of products at, and match pencil sharpeners with other items that you may require for your office or home. Should you experience any difficulty in locating an item, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team in Dublin. We are delighted to hear any feedback or queries.

Select from an Extensive Range of Colours and Styles of Pencil Sharpeners

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