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Hard Drives

Portable Hard Drives from offer a superb choice of portable hard drives at exceptional prices. By providing variety in storage space, we guarantee that all client requirements are met. Each hard drive offers compact storage of important files, making them perfect for use on the go, or when out of the office. Portable hard drives are also ideal for avoiding cluttering your digital device with movies, games or music. They act as an excellent form of backup for any files that are of vital importance such as work presentations, photographs or a final year of college thesis. All of our products are durable and reliable, ensuring that you are confident when you use them outside of the home or office.


Original desktop hard drives were bulky and inconvenient. Many of them required a power source to run. Thankfully, rapid technological advances and innovation has facilitated the development of portable hard drives that are compact, easy to use, and that are USB powered. Capacity will never be an issue with the range of hard drives available at With options from 500Gb up to 1tb, they have the ability to store a vast amount of movies, music, photos and regular files. Choosing one of our portable hard drives with USB 3.0 enables users to experience transfer speeds of up to five Gbit/s, more than 10 times faster than USB 2.0.


Browse our range of hard drives to find the correct fit for your requirements. Memory capacity will depend entirely on your usage of the device so conducting some research on downloads or file usage may be beneficial. are delighted to offer free delivery of hard drives throughout Ireland on combined orders or €75 or more. Therefore, it is worth browsing through the entire site to find superb value on fantastic products.


Fast, Reliable, High Capacity Hard Drives

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Total: 5 Items |
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