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Listing Papers

Listing Paper

At our Listing Paper section, you can find a huge range of continuous feed dot matrix printer paper. Listing paper is also known as tractor feed, pin feed, invoice or computer paper. It is a single continuous sheet of paper which bordered on its both sides by paper strips with a series of holes. These holes are utilised to steer the paper through the printer by aligning pages with two feed belts found in the unit. As the listing paper is often used for invoicing purposes, often it comes in multiple part sheets and colour-coded. It ranges from 1 part (thick) up to 4 parts. Whether it's 2 Part, 3 Part or 4 Part, all sheets go through the printer at the same time and have the same print.

• 1-Part Listing Paper is used where just single copy of the same print is needed;
• 2-Part Listing Paper is utilised when users need 1 copy sheet. This copy sheet tends to come in a different colour.
• 3-Part Listing Paper is used where original and 2 copies of the sheet are needed. For example, order delivery invoice copy for receiver, distributor and currier is needed.
• 4-Part Listing Paper type is useful when 3 copy sheets are required. Every copy sheet tends to come in a different colour. For example, one green one yellow, one white and one pink.

Computer listing paper can have plain or ruled finish. Ruled listing paper can make the information easier to read. Continuous listing paper is measured by the length of the sheet (measurement from top to bottom of the page in inches). Listing paper sheets are available in 2 length sizes: 11in and 12in. The standard listing paper widths are:


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