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Coloured Envelopes

Coloured Envelopes at


The colour of the envelope that you use can have significant influence on the message conveyed. Important documents are generally sent in brown envelopes, as they cannot be seen through. White envelopes are the most commonly used envelopes, and are ideal for sending letters. White envelopes tend to give off a professional and simple feel. Choosing coloured envelopes exudes a sense of fun and excitement. They can be great for invitations, and marketing new products. Also, there is a sense of intrigue about a coloured envelope. We automatically associate classic coloured envelopes, such as brown or white with, bills, official documents and junk mail, and are therefore more likely to throw them away. Coloured envelopes entice the recipient to see the contents, and can result in more interest for your business, by making it stand out from the crowd. are one of the leading suppliers of coloured envelopes in Ireland. We supply a variety of vibrant colours to capture the imagination of your clients. The envelopes can also be used with laser or inkjet printers to further personalise your message. Reap the benefits of free delivery when you buy coloured envelopes from Combined orders of €75 or more are exempt from delivery charges. Stock up on envelopes, or combine them with other compatible items such as printers. Browse the entire site to find items that help your business function more efficiently. It is also worth noting that using coloured envelopes does not diminish security, and important documents can still be enclosed in them. Although the envelopes convey a fun message, they are in no way less durable or secure than regular coloured envelopes.


Excellent Selection and Value on Coloured Enveloped in Ireland

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Total: 5 Items |
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