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Varidesk Standing Desks

Varidesk Standing Desk - Sit Stand Desk


Sitting is the new smoking for office workers in Ireland. According to the research by Nutrition and Health Foundation 4 out of 10 workers are "totally or extremely" inactive during the day. Most of us already know that excessive sitting carries a serious health risk. One solution for bettering employee well-being is to provide workers with the freedom to work standing or sitting any time. Varidesk standing desks do exactly that thing. Needa Office online store provides a wide range of affordable Varidesk sit stand desks from smaller models such as Varidesk Soho to larger ones such as Varidesk Pro Desk 54. Our most popular standing desk models sold in Ireland are Varidesk Pro Plus 36 and Varidesk Exec 48 but check out all of our models and find your favourite. Varidesk height adjustable desks are quickly to set up as they sit right on top of your existing desk. Treat yourself with a Varidesk sit stand desk today and enjoy a healthier workplace.  

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Total: 21 Items |
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